How should I care for my product?

Chadhaus furniture is not meant for outdoor use. Extreme temperature and/or humidity fluctuations should be avoided, as they cause wood to expand and contract, which sometimes results in cracking. Avoid prolonged sun exposure. Sun exposure may prematurely degrade finish as well as cause uneven coloring. Expect wood coloring to change subtly over time.

Care and maintenance of wood: 

Each piece of wood exhibits unique characteristics, including natural variation in grain and color, and markings from knots and in some cases artifacts that may have been embedded in the tree. Natural markings have absolutely no effect on the furniture’s durability or structural integrity.

We use two different kinds of wood finish. Our standard tabletop finish is a satin lacquer finish. Lacquer is stain and water resistant, and holds up well to “normal” use, including intermittent placement of drinks, etc. Prolonged placement of wet items should be avoided. Furniture items such as credenzas, dressers, and beds are finished with OSMO Polyx Oil finish, and are not intended to have wet and/or hot items placed upon them. Use coasters, pads, cloths or runners to protect against spills and water rings.

Be very careful using water to clean wood. Wood should never get wet or soaked. Water can cause swelling, warping or staining when it penetrates a finish. Use coasters, pads, cloths or runners to protect against spills and water rings.

Avoid placing hot items on any wood elements. Hot and/or moist items can cause clouding of the finish and other discolorations and surface defects.

Wood surfaces may be dusted with a cloth or cleaned gently with a damp cloth or soft sponge with mild soap. Ensure all surfaces are thoroughly dried directly after cleaning. Do not use abrasive sponges as these may scratch and mark the finish.

Care and maintenance of steel:

Natural and powder coated mild steel elements may be dusted or gently cleaned with a soft soapy sponge. Ensure all surfaces are thoroughly dried directly after cleaning. Do not use abrasive sponges as these may scratch and mark the finish.

Do not expose steel to damp or wet conditions, as in some cases this can cause rust to develop. Avoid scratching or denting the steel, as imperfections expose the unfinished steel beneath the surface, which is then subject to rust.

Stainless steel can be cleaned using soap and water. Bar Keepers Friend is recommended to remove severe blemishes.

What wood and metal finishes do you offer?

Our material palette of wood finishes includes maple, walnut, poplar, and oak. A whitewash finish is available for our poplar and oak options. For our steel options we offer hand-oiled natural and charcoal finishes, as well as black and white powder coat finishes. Custom finishes may be available upon request for an additional fee. We do work with custom woods, though we like to stick with what is available locally and sustainably and/or with FSC certification. Custom powder coat colors for steel are also available upon request.

Which pieces require assembly?

Our beds are the only item that require assembly. All of our beds come with an assembly kit which includes all necessary instructions and tools. The beds are best assembled with 2 people, but we also offer the option to add white glove service for assembly. Please get in touch if you have any questions.

Can I see your pieces in New York? Chicago? Los Angeles, etc.?

Our only location at the moment is our workshop/studio in Seattle, WA. We feel that our current setup allows us to focus on the quality of every product and working directly with clients, ensuring full attention at each step of the process.

Do you have a store front or showroom?

Our small-scale operation in Ballard serves as our primary workshop/studio. While we don’t have a formal store front or showroom, we welcome guests by appointment where they can view our shop and current projects.

Do you make furniture for commercial or institutional use?

Yes. We have had the opportunity to design and make pieces for many commercial and institutional spaces, including, SVR, Filson  Front Seat, Tom Douglas, Mad Art, Analog Coffee, Freeman Seattle, and Gethsemane Church.

Do you have a trade program?

We do have a trade program. Please contact us for more information.

Do you work with designers and architects?

We have worked with a wide range of designers and architects, both locally and nationally, including Graham Baba, Olson Kundig, NBBJ, GGLO, Heliotrope, David Howell Design, Jennie Gruss, IKBA, Studio DB, and Miller Hull.

Can I customize an item?

Absolutely! We love opportunities to work with clients and help bring their creative ideas to fruition. We have had the pleasure of working on many custom pieces and projects in the past, and look forward to collaborating on many more.

Do you ship internationally?

For international shipping, please contact

Do you ship to Canada?

For shipping to Canada, please contact

Do you ship to Alaska and Hawaii?

For shipping to Alaska and Hawaii, please contact

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping rates within the continental U.S. are based on the destination and the valuation of the order. For example a $1000 order to states other than Washington incurs a shipping cost of $225, and a $7000 order incurs a shipping cost of $675. We’re able to offer reduced shipping rates for all in-state (Washington) orders.

Shipping costs can vary for larger orders, and sometimes freight shipping rates can reduce costs. Please feel free to get in touch to receive an individualized shipping quote for your order.

Please contact us with additional questions about shipping.

How will my item arrive?

Shipping is handled through a combination of freight and white glove services, depending on the item. Each item leaves our shop wrapped and crated (boxed for smaller items), and for residential deliveries the item is placed inside your door and removed from the crate. All pieces will arrive fully assembled, with the exception of our beds, which require minimal assembly. There is the option to add white glove assembly for residential bed deliveries, so please get in touch if you have any questions.

Where do you source your materials?

Our materials are primarily sourced locally, featuring sustainably harvested Pacific Northwest woods and recycled steel manufactured in Seattle.

How soon can I expect my item?

Each piece is made to order, ensuring full attention at each step of the process. We ask for your patience with the process of small-batch, high-quality furniture. We would like you to know that we’re giving our full attention to the pieces in production, and that we will give your order that same attention when the time comes. The lead time on furniture from our line is approximately eight to twelve weeks from the date of order to the time we ship. Custom orders typically have a lead time of fourteen weeks or longer. Please feel free to check in directly with us regarding current lead time status, as this is something that varies. Occasionally it is possible to put a rush on an order, depending on what’s happening in our shop. Additionally, certain pieces benefit from a longer lead time. For example large tables featuring thick slabs sometimes require the wood to go through additional kiln drying prior to milling. Please contact us if you have any further questions!