Whidbey Family Cabin Featured in Sunset Magazine

Family-made vacation home: Six designers—all related—create the ultimate labor of love: their shared vacation home on Washington’s Whidbey Island

We are honored to have our family cabin featured in the June 2013 issue of Sunset Magazine. Two wonderful days were spent with the Sunset staff, who captured plenty of flattering images of our family cabin on Whidbey Island. Here are a few excerpts from the piece:

Investing in an heirloom
Every inch of the 1,200-square-foot home is Robertson made. Don, a master electrician, handled the electrical and plumbing systems, while Suzy led the decorating. Nick and Isabelle, who run architecture and design studio Piano Nobile, gave input on the structure and provided textiles. Chad and Emily, owners of furniture studio Chadhaus, crafted many of the furnishings. As a result, the cabin isn’t just an escape but an heirloom. “This is something we want in our family for a long time,” says Chad.

Decorate democratically
Everyone contributed to the look of the interiors. Chad and Emily designed the dining table and kitchen furnishings.Isabelle’s textiles are sprinkled throughout.Exposed trusses, painted white,are Nick’s handiwork, and the half-mirrored lightbulbs hung from the ceiling were Don’s idea. Suzy was the lead stylist. “Suzy won’t admit it, but she’s the secret artist here,” says Isabelle. “It’s her ideas—the colorful ceramics, the mix of textiles, her beachy vintage touches—that bring together the spirit of the cabin.”

See if you can spot our Vollen Bench, Ferro Coffee Table, Farmhouse Modern Barstool, and the Picnic Modern Bench! The opportunity to design and build a collaborative heirloom with our family is one we will never forget.