Remodelista Feature! Rustic and Refined: Chadhaus Furniture in Seattle by Julie Carlson

We are incredibly thrilled about this feature – not only because Remodelista is amazing, but because this insightful design blog first covered our work in 2009 – 3 years after we founded Chadhaus. My, how the last 6 years have flown! We were smaller (and younger!) in many ways, and since then we have grown a lot – thanks so much to Julie Carlson for noticing! This is what she had to say about us in the feature:

Chadhaus, a young Seattle furniture upstart (we first covered them in 2009), has evolved into a quietly sophisticated design shop with clients such as Olson Kundig Architects. Here, our favorite current pieces.

Their favorite pieces include our Loft Bed, the Farmhouse Modern Cupboard, custom pieces we made for Artefact, the Farmhouse Modern Island, and the Picnic Modern Bench. Thanks, Julie!