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Custom Projects Galore on Instagram

We're busy here at Chadhaus! In fact, we're so busy designing and making furniture that we don't always get around to posting current content on our website. We do however try to stay current with our Instagram feed - which features both products from our line as well as custom work. If you're interested in checking out the range of projects we work on, as well as seeing examples of a range of finishes, please follow chadhausdesign The selected images shown at left are from our feed as follows: Top row left to right: A custom walnut coffee table (collaboration with Olson Kundig), a custom whitewashed oak table with black steel x-base (collaboration with Mercedes Fernandez Interior Design), and a walnut ...More

A Heavy Collaboration With Olson Kundig

This collaboration with Olson Kundig Architects weighed nearly a ton! The project included two coordinating pieces - a 16 foot long dining table made from a single slab of walnut, and solid wood coffee table floating on steel fins. Designs by Olson Kundig with construction and detailing by us. We hope they enjoy their new home!

Artefact Custom Furniture

We recently had the pleasure of designing custom office furniture for Artefact, a local design company that has earned a reputation for "delivering keen insights, effective execution and world-class design." Artefact was named a Best Company to Work For by Seattle Business Magazine’s 100 Best Companies to Work For in 2014. And it's no wonder - these folks are thoughtful, smart, fun to work with, and they have an amazing new office space. The tables and benches we made for them are a nice touch, too! We loved the final product so much that we'll be adding these items to our store soon!

Custom Furniture for Tactile

Tactile is a local product and interaction design firm that we’ve had the opportunity to work with on multiple custom pieces. With our similar focus on helping clients “achieve the optimal mix of beauty and functionality” we knew we were getting ourselves into something special. The first project was birthed from a beam the clients had in possession, which was then repurposed into a custom standup bar. This unique focal point functions as both a social spot as well as a place for creative meetings. The bar features a nook for paper and pens that is integrated into the base, creating maximal workspace that is sleek and orderly. The final design used heavy gauge welded and bent plate steel, with the beam coming apart into two pieces so that it could make it to the fourth floor of the building. Finishes were whitewashed fir and black steel. Next was a custom wall shelf to be installed near the standup bar. This elegant shelf was designed to create a floating frame around the wooden components, offering multiple surfaces for display or storage. The final design consisted of a black steel frame with rounded corners and three salvaged whitewashed fir panels, two protruding from the wall, creating a wide bracket shape that defies its steel borders. Last but not least, our most recent ...More

Olson Kundig Architects / Gethsemane Lutheran Church

Chadhaus collaborated on custom furniture with a talented design team at Olson Kundig Architects lead by Jim Olson and including Bob Jakubik and Christine Burkland. Working from Jim's original sketches, we collaborated on the design of unique pieces to serve as the altar, chapel table, ambo, and harvest tables for Gethsemane Lutheran Church. In addition to these divine pieces, we customized coffee and side tables from our ferro line to serve various practical needs of the main sanctuary and chapel spaces, including tables of all heights, tables with steel shelves, and rolling tables with casters.   All interior photos shown of Gethsemane by Benjamin Benschneider

Backyard Sauna

This sauna project went beyond our usual scale and scope of furniture, so we took on the design and collaborated with the talented JAS on the build portion of the project. While we specialize in furniture design, we do take on the occasional larger design project if it's the right fit, and we were excited about the opportunity to design a backyard sauna. Inspired by our personal sauna experiences during travels to Finland when Chad was conducting research for his Master’s thesis in Architecture, we meditated on the best parts of our favorite saunas. We loved the cozy and enclosed quality of traditional saunas, yet we loved the light-filled modern saunas. We took ample notes during our weekly appointment in the sauna in our apartment building in Helsinki, and were able to pull from these for this project. We treasured the intimate yet exalted spaces we encountered in Finland, and we wanted to evoke a comparable space by utilizing a small footprint with tall ceilings.Natural light floods this backyard sanctuary during the day, while recessed LED lighting at the ceiling perimeter creates a soothing glow at night. The sauna features an indoor cold-water pull-shower, as well as steel cubicles for wood storage on the outside of the entrance door, utilizing as much space as possible while maintaining a ...More